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Terrazzo Floor Repairs

Terrazzo repairs can be frustrating at times, especially when it is expected to match perfect colors & matrix. Durite provides terrazzo patch repairs and refurbishing to many building service companies, management companies and real estate owners.

Many terrazzo floors that were constructed since the early 30's to post-war era, require terrazzo patch repairs and maintenance. Durite is constantly requested to match existing terrazzo floor colors and stone aggregates to repair broken terrazzo floors, patch holes and floor alternation. Especially in highly visible areas such as building lobbies and hallways terrazzo repairs becomes necessary.

In the past, terrazzo floors used colored cement as binder, mixed with different stone color aggregates. Cement colors changes with each water/cement ratio mix and only when the cement is dried, hardened and grind down the true color of cement binder becomes visible. Obviously working with cement requires creating many samples to match the colors and aggregate mixture and in general repairing a patch becomes guesswork of hit or miss.

In general excellent quality patch repairs are not cost-effective. Terrazzo patch repairs requires almost same amount of machinery mobilization, as would the construction of new terrazzo floors. Almost all cement terrazzo surfaces oxidize, accumulates surface dirt, and experience stones deterioration with time. When patching terrazzo surface grinding the floor around the patch repair becomes necessary. Once oxidized terrazzo surface is disturbed, the true original terrazzo floor colors hidden under the oxidized surface will be exposed. Now the terrazzo repair choices becomes either matching the old oxidized surface, or the original terrazzo colors hidden under the oxidized surface. Obviously bringing back the original terrazzo requires addressing and refurbishing the entire floor.

Making matters more complicated are repairs of terrazzo surface cracks and disintegration. This work requires removal of surface terrazzo down to the structural floor support, and addressing the crack by inserting steel dowels.

Usually terrazzo samples are sent to Durite for matching color binders and aggregates. Durite through color analysis can pre-mix the right amounts and determine the color of the terrazzo binder. Once the final sample is approved, Durite would prepare the mix for the applicator. Durite's choice of pre-mixed binder is epoxy since it offers color stability, fast curing time and hardness (epoxy is at 12,000psi, compared to concrete at 3,000 to 4,000 psi.

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